Magnus Lundgren: Winner Of The Special Jury Award, Nature inFocus Photography Awards 2020

Nature inFocus writes:
– The Swedish underwater photographer has a unique style that is both aesthetically pleasing and emotionally arresting. Here is a showcase of the alien world of our deep seas through his eyes by Team Nature InFocus 

There were several aspects of this year's Nature inFocus Photography Awards that were unique. The fact that hundreds of nature lovers couldn't gather under one roof to share their enthusiasm, but managed to translate that into the online world during the virtual live event. The fact that the images made us collectively appreciate nature and wonder about our own unbecoming against the backdrop of a pandemic. And, the fact that for the first time in the history of the awards, there was a Special Jury Award given to a photographer whose stunning images conveyed this duality. Meet Magnus Lundgren.

Born in Sweden, Lundgren is regarded as one of the world's leading underwater photographers. He is the director and owner of Wild Wonders of Europe, an initiative that works to educate people about the natural wonders of the continent ...

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