Landskap: Sörmland
Ort: Stockholm
Invalsår: 2016

Biodiversity is my biggest passion. And I cannot take for granted that something like a young willow warbler is even possible. Its cells contain enough information for a journey to unknown places and habitats, all the way to tropical Africa and back. It strives just as well in cold Swedish mountains as in the woodlands of Zimbabwe.

I am an associate professor in zoology at Stockholm University, and here I do research on animal and human behavior and cognition. I want to identify cognitive processes and understand what behavior they are responsible for. Why does a willow warbler learn and behave just like a willow warbler, and why don't chimpanzees develop space travel? I have also done research in tropical areas, I found and described the first nest of the short-legged ground-roller in Madagascar and took rare photos of the elusive brown-tailed mongoose.

As a photographer I strive to capture the beauty present in both tiny sceneries and at large scales and to convey the behavior and personality of animals. I am equally at home photographing beetles and gulls in Stockholm, mating cuttlefish in Indonesia, or tigers in India.

I am a frequent public lecturer and have published photos in many books, magazines and calendars, and held exhibitions throughout Sweden. So far, I have published one photographic and popular science book; Quercus. Ekens mångfald (translated in English Quercus. The Oak and Diversity) and I have won a few international photographic awards.


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